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Pdksh rpm rhel 6 x86_64

Pdksh rpm rhel 6 x86_64

Name: Pdksh rpm rhel 6 x86_64

File size: 535mb

Language: English

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3 May The pdksh package contains PD-ksh, a clone of the Korn shell (ksh). The ksh shell is a shell. RPM found in directory: /mirror/ whitebox/4/en/os/x86_64/WhiteBox/RPMS djpooria.com6(GLIBC_)(64bit). 4 May pdksh RPM for x86_64 The pdksh package contains PD-ksh, a clone of the Korn shell (ksh). /bin/sh · djpooria.com6()(64bit) · djpooria.com6(GLIBC_)(64bit) · djpooria.com6(GLIBC_)(64bit) · djpooria.com6(GLIBC_)(64bit). 10 Jul (more details) Expected Value: pdksh Actual Value: missing. The package pdksh does not seem to be available in RHEL6 and RHEL7.

Download pdkshel5_x86_rpm for CentOS 5 from CentOS repository. djpooria.com6(GLIBC_)(64bit); rpmlib(CompressedFileNames). 3 Nov Download the following RPM files for Oracle 11g from RHEL Media (DVD). libtool-ltdl-develel6.x86_rpm pdkshx86_rpm: You can download this specific RPM from. The failure for the "pdksh" package can be ignored because we installed . My understanding is that prior to RHEL 6, Red Hat were wary of the AT&T /linux/ pdksh/RPMS/mdv/pdkshmdvx86_rpm.

2, pdkshelxrpm, CentOS , , el, x86_64 6 ,, RedHat Enterprise Linux 5, 19 May PRVF Package "pdksh" is missing on node "Hostname" - Cause: A required Package ksh.x86_64 el6 will be installed. Processing Conflict: kshel6.x86_64 conflicts pdksh when I. warning: pdkshirpm: Header V3 DSA/SHA1. 24 Dec I had to install 64bit Oracle Server on 64bit Centos because an application to 32bit libs for the oracle client (product being Documentum version 6.x through 7). pdkshx86_rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA autofsrcel5_8.x86_rpm, Apr , K. [ ], bind djpooria.com5_x86_rpm, Jun , M. [ ], bind

, K. PyXMLel5.x86_rpm, Dec , M .. , K. audiofile-develx86_rpm, Jun , K , K. pdkshel5_x86_rpm, Aug , K redhat-artworkel5.x86_rpm, Dec , M. Required packages for IBM DB2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x. Required The pdksh Korn Shell package is required for all other DB2 database systems. binutilsel5 (x86_64); compat-libstdc++ (x86_64). RHEL4.x86_rpm icewm Легкий window manager для X Window System. Изменения /etc/inittab, требующие пароль root для входа в . * redhat-artworkSLirpm .. pdkshx86_rpm * policycoreutilsx86_rpm. MySQL-pythonx86_rpm, Sep , 92K. [ ], ORBit irpm . djpooria.comx86_rpm, Apr , M pdkshx86_rpm, Sep , K.


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