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Bottom ups

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bottoms up! definition: sometimes said by people in a friendly way just before drinking an alcoholic drink together. Learn more. To drink the contents of one's beverage. Used especially when alcohol is concerned. Literally to tilt the bottom of one's glass upward until it is empty. Bottom-up definition, of, relating to, or originating with the common people, nonprofessionals, or the lower ranks of an organization: The five-day workweek was.

Definition of Bottoms up! in the Idioms Dictionary. Bottoms up! phrase. What does Bottoms up! expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Bottoms up” is a toast, meaning a phrase used to encourage friends to drink together. The phrase literally means to drink so fast and so thoroughly that the. What's the meaning and origin of the phrase 'Bottom-up'?.

Bottom-up definition is - progressing upward from the lowest levels (as of a stratified organization or system). How to use bottom-up in a sentence. Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System is the most efficient beer dispensing system in the world. Made in the USA and on tap in 34 countries. Definition of bottom-up planning: Method where (in contrast to top-down planning ) plans are developed at the lowest level of the firm. These plans and are then. Definition of bottom-up forecasting: Method where (in contrast to top-down forecasting) the sales revenue estimates of each product or product line are combined. Definition of bottom-up pricing: Method where, in contrast to top-down pricing the pricing process starts with the desired profit to which all direct and indirect.


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